Monday, September 29, 2008

Episode 30- Does Size Matter?

We've gotten this question so many times and always ignored it, but we thought we'd go ahead and tell you today whether or not size matters (and oddly enough, Poppy & Lani are wearing a similar shirt but are oceans away, weird):




TCar said...

I drive a Miata. Never really thought of it as a fashion accessory though. Thinking a car will make you sexy is something a guy who knows size really does matter must be compensating for.

Sam Sethi said...

Question. What's white and 15 inches?"

I'll DM you the answer when you follow me on twitter ;-)

@jcsalterego said...

This is the oddest commentary on the state of the global and American economy I've ever heard.

Also Lani, you really should get a new microphone because it seems your videos have been clipping at the higher frequencies (making that TSS sound). :-\

Anonymous said...

OK, a man view...

And yes, I'm going to talk about penis size!

Yes, size does matter but technique is just as important.

Saying that, if you know you're OK in the size department, it's a hell of a confidence boost which can seriously improve performance. I would imagine being small has the opposite effect.

Mine seems to do the job.