Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Episode 28- Energy Getting?

Today we've been asked where we get all of our energy from and one of us volunteers and works two full time jobs over 120 hours per week while the other one bitches if she doesn't get her heroin break every 20 minutes... so can you guess which is which?




Phronk said...

I get my energy from watching Snarky Girls.

Lani said...

hooray, phronk! i hear crack in conjuction with the snark works well too ;)


@jcsalterego said...

Lani, I do enjoy mochas myself. But also coffee in general.

Poppy, glad to see you have a leg up on the competition. omg get it

Steve Belt said...

I decided to end all caffeine intake a year ago (no Coke, no coffee), and I was a walking zombie for 5 months. I'm "normal" now, back to 6-7 hrs of sleep, and feeling fine, but dang, getting off caffeine was incredibly hard.

Scoopz said...

Mily Way are still available all over the UK...well up norf they are anyway....or is that a "special" kind of Milky Way?


PoppyD said...

SCOOPZ...It's a 'Midnight Dark' milky way, so like a regular UK milky way except with dark chocolate and caramel. But somehow nothing like a Mars....very special :-)

Anonymous said...

Amphetamines are really raly bad. Avoid.

I senerally sleep about 4-5 hours a night. Any more and I'm useless. I need a minimum of two hours though.