Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Episode 12- Tea v. Coffee

Today's hot question is about which is better- hot tea or hot coffee? Either way, there's hotness all around....




Drew Fristoe said...

Sorry Lani, I am with Poppy on this one, Tea is better! Except, Poppy, Mint Tea is my favorite. English Breakfast sucks!

Sidenote, Starbucks is awful and has discusting coffee.

Love the show laides!

RealtorLefebvre said...

Seriously, what do you expect the bloody brit to say??? She honestly can't help herself. It's in her genes. Not her fault.

And BTW you Euro-centric, pinkie extended, PG Tips drinkin' fancy pants...we do have good coffee in the States, just need to know where to find it. (Hint: it's not at Dunkin' Donuts...)

Lani's right on this one. Good coffee beats good tea 8 days a week. BAD coffee can often beat good tea as well.

Richard said...

Firstly I have to say, poppy, having greg as background music is a great idea :)

Secondly, while coffee is very nice, it sometimes gives me a migraine, always gives you bad breath (maybe Americans don't mind this?) and tea has caffeine too.

Thirdly there are 7 days in a week, so its not possible for coffee to beat tea 8 days a week is it, and even if it could it wouldn't.

rob said...

poppy u look p f :)

mines a t :D

PoppyD said...

Drew...Tea is better, I will ignore the rest of your comment where you seemed to lose your mind.

Mike...You became my favourite person today, so I will ignore your rude and wrong comment as well.

Richard...You should be a snarky guest host one day because you are easily the snarkiest man I have ever met and you are always, always right. Except when you say baps are called cobs, that's incoreect and you know it ;-)

Rob...what does p f mean????? Please explain!

thrawn said...

are you telling me you stonehengians go to a uk starbucks and purchase TEA drinks? how wonderfully odd!

what's next???madonna in wales???

coffee smells much better than tea, and the best coffee can be had in truck stops (in texASS). granted, *coffee* sux0rs at starbucks, but the espresso drinks rule.

ps- i don't consider good coffee to be that turkish sludge they serve in smelly bohemian college-town cafe's

thrawn said...

oh, and since nobody else said it:


rob said...

Come on poppy! Im sure u can guess. Lets just say its both rude and complimentary