Saturday, September 6, 2008

Episode 16- Twitter Tools

Today we're talking about tools. No not like that, dirty voyeur, Twitter tools! Since Twitter is the best thing since sliced bread, we were asked what sexy Twitter tools we use and this time we want to know what YOU use and why- something shiny and sexy or something demure and classic?

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Bill Lublin said...

Snarky girls Rule -
Great Pigtails Lani :-)
Poppy I can't feel sorry for you about the weather - after all you are in London ;-) And soon to be in Israel where its always really warm and sunny

Pat and Wayne said...

I use TweetDeck almost exclusively, have it color coordinated with my page (so OCD of me); also use Digsby once in a while and also have the OutTwit add-on for Outlook which I use rarely. Never use, it seems so old school now. Used to use Twhirl until it became too unwieldy, but I do follow on it every so often just to see if I miss it or not...I don't.

Pat and Wayne said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot about the new FF3 add-in for Twittering and just about every thing else, too...Ubiquity. It's like a Swiss Army Knife of add-ins. Call up the command bo with Ctrl-Space, type in a letter and all the commands that begin with that letter are displayed, and you can subscribe to other commands as well. It may take a while, if ever, for this to become, well, ubiquitous, but it's kind of fun and does have some serious applications if you're willing to delve into it a little.

Oh, and I figured out who Poppy sorta looks like: Marina Sirtis. She was Counselor Troi in Star Trek: The Next Generation.

PoppyD said...

Hmmm maybe I should give TweetDeck a whirl (or a twhirl if you will) when I get back from vaca. As for Marina....she's hot (according to my Google Image skills) so thanks for the compliment!