Monday, September 8, 2008

Episode 17- Mac v. PC

Today's question regards our preferences between Mac and PCs and as always, we take quite the opposite views here and if we were in the same country, we'd surely be in a cat fight (or a pillow fight, oooh).




TCar said...

Lani, you have a crappy mac. OS9 sucked. Imagine how little you would like your PC if it was still running Windows Me.

And Poppy, you are right. Both work fine but Macs are teh sex.

BawldGuy said...

I too have both, and Poppy wins hands down. This isn't close.

Been usin' Macs since '95. Don't think they were even called Macs back then. Anyway, my next crash will be my first. 'Course it'll probably never happen. :)

PC users bury themselves in these debates by insisting on comparing state of the art PC's to decades old Apple products. Even then it's close. :)

Sorry Lani -- still love yer brownies though.

Mike Neumann said...

Sexy. Hrmm. You know her. The girl that looks reeeeeely pretty until she opens her mouth. That's anything Apple. Worse than that, Apple is a Valley Girl now. She's reached her teen age years. This is when she knows she's cute, all the boys want to take her to the party, but she's still a total adolescent. She has to bring all of her crap with her (iTunes), will tease you and say she'll play with your stuff, but really she wants you to trade it in for some web-app (Poppy's Google Docs 'solution') crap solution.

Oh, and her friends? Let's try the Apple Airport Express Base Station. Works with non-Airport base stations? Well, for only half of the features. What a rip.

Can't make up her mind on features (iMovie, anyone?). Finally got her upgrade, and threw a pouty fit the whole time (Leopard install nightmares).

Once you drink her cooleaid, it's an Apple-Baby-only partay, kiddos.

So yeah, she's pretty. Her Dad tells great stories to all of his friends about how smart and outgoing she is, but really she's just a pouty, self-centered little rich girl. Maybe she'll grow up someday. We can hope.

Chris Hadley said...

Poppy, as always you rock! I, too, am a mac user but I also have a PC. I can say that I find the user experience on my Mac to be far more enjoyable than the PC running Win XP SP3.

Only problem is my Mac is a Mac Pro so I can't really show off its sex factor unless someone comes over (at which point I'm probably good to go anyways hehe). Perhaps in the next year or two I will replace my Thinkpad T61 with a MacBook ;-)

Oh, and I use a nearly five-year-old PowerMac G4 Dual 1.0GHz with 2GB SDRAM at work and it runs circles around my CoreDuo Dell laptop.

Poppy rules!

JeffX said...

The only thing PC's are good for is to keep the Anti-Virus industry alive and well.

Lani Anglin-Rosales said...

TODD- of course i have a crappy mac, that's like saying i'm a small short girl or that a Yukon is a large big vehicle. meh.

JEFF- you don't get my brownies now.

MIKE- ladeez, Mike's single and very awesome. I vouch for my fellow Austinite friend who I didn't pay to have my back.

JEFFX- wtf, you NEVER have my back!! I thought we were friends! I'm gonna spike your workout water with Fernet when you're not looking.

JeffX said...

@laniar: you called me out on the Pinto...just sayin.

philwest said...

Once you go Mac, you never go back. (Your iMac experience nonwithstanding.)

Level 10 said...


Level 10 said...

The only thing wrong with a mac (mine anyway) is the stupid trackpad button. Can I please have 2 so I don't have to CTR+Click stuff anymore?

BUT, vs. PC I'll gladly give that up. I've always had PCs and never had too much trouble, just don't like them, but the switch was worth it.

Drew Fristoe said...

I am totally with Lani at this one. I love my PC and I dont think I would ever change. Not even if Poppy did a Snarky girls episode with her breast hanging out..... wait that already happened. Well, I am still not getting one. Lovely shows ladies! smooches!

jseleven said...

Lani! OMG, the hostility. Really? It is the windows hostility of waiting around to actually do anything on your windows machine that makes her so snarky today.

Peace, Love and accomplishing really great things are what the Mac is all about.

POPPY...You ROCK! I believe you gave a fair assessment about both.

J said...

Windows users are so defensive.

There is no comparison. Mac has its fan base because it delivers a better computing experience.

Better apps, more developers, greater open source adoption, on and on.

Lani, I bet you purchase a new Mac in five years. BTW, the one in the garage, is it for sale?

Poppy wins but deserves criticism for the mouse recommendation. Ctrl + Clik. Less is more. Still Poppy wins.

maczter said...

Poppy wins this one. Can't use experience with an ancient iMac running OS9 if you're going to go off about how great Vista is.

Sorry. Use a modern OS X machine for a while and give it a fair shake and then let us know. :)

PoppyD said...

To all those who agreed with me - you rock.