Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Episode 18- WP vs Typepad

We're entertaining Jeff Corbett by answering ANOTHER of his questions but Lani sucks and didn't answer it, so let's see how Poppy holds her own (although she's in Israel):


JeffX said...

I agree w/ you Poppy (as usual). How come the lil Texan abdicates her responsibility while you maintain your end of the bargain, whilst on holiday in Israel nonetheless??

Lani prolly likes WP over Typepad (and Blogger) too, since that's what AG runs on...

So I guess Lani missed her one chance to have me agree with her on something...I know she's devastated.

blog said...

I recently migrated from Blogger to Wordpress. At first I felt a bit ripped off because I had to pay to do some of the stuff I wanted.

In the end, I decided I liked it because I could post and forget. With Blogger I was always tweaking the design and trying to fix what I tweaked.

So, in the end I've become a WP man. Thanks, Poppy, for your snarky insight!