Thursday, September 4, 2008

Episode 14- Metrosexuals

Today the snarky girls talk about Metrosexuals and it may get heated... keep viewing...




Matt Rains said...

First off, Lani stick with Viddler the quality is much better. Next I agree with Poppy, i've got my bag.

-Matt Rains

Jim Reppond said...

I asked because we see this a lot here in Seattle among real estate agents. I'm one of the few left that still tends to wear a suit and tie.

Anonymous said...

OK. In this instance, Lani FTW!

BUT... On the other hand, I know the exact stereotype that Poppy is talking about and I think they generally look like idiots.

I am a metrosexual male although I don't look like it right now because I had to shave my head... Another story for another day.

I do carry my MacBook Pro in a messenger bag. Frankly, normal laptop bags look all plasticky and horrible. Other than that, pockets are good enough. Wallet, phone, keys, smokes... What else does a guy need?

When I have hair, it is normally highlighted and kept in shape with a bit of wax. Black and White to be specific.

I do wear designer jeans. Not baggy though... That look is so 5 years ago.

Shoes... I spend hundreds of pounds on them. They are important.

I do good shirts too. Henleys are a favourite but for day to day it is usually a nice tee for me. Admittedly we are talking either designer or geekprint not just a £2 Asda job.

Smell wise, it is currently either Dior Farenheit or Armani Black Code. Really important but I only use enough that you will only notice it if you are right up close and personal.

Do not and will not wear a flat cap.

Where I work is just off Bond Street in London so it is impossible to avoid buying nice things.

Oh and lastly... Yes I do the whole jeans, T-shirt, good shoes and blazer thing too.

No I'm not gay.

Lani Anglin-Rosales said...

Realtor Ted responds:

ines said...

OMG! In Miami.....a guy that doesn't show fashion sense would be sooo not cool. Where I draw the line though is when a man's eyebrows look better than mine.

Drew Fristoe said...

Okay..... I dont really know where to go with this comment. Well lets start out with this, for those of you who dont know, I am gay. So, in my eyes, Metrosexuals are men who just havent figured out that they are gay. I know, I know, there are men who just like to look nice and smell nice and well, good for you... Just know that you confuse me, get my hopes up, and then you turn out to like women.... ummm ewww. Just think about it for a second and come to the good side, the right side, the side that wouldnt even bring up this topic. Come on over to where you belong. With me!

Ted Mackel said...


I think you have to leave "watch" off the end of the URL

Anonymous said...


Sorry. :)

Todd Carpenter said...

I wear jeans and Hawaiian shirts. No watches, rings, necklaces or an other accessories. My cologne is Right Guard and I didn't watch the new 90210.

But I do drive an MX-5.

Where do I stand?

PoppyD said...

Matt - Good to know!

Jim - I work with tech guys, so luckily I'm not confronted by metrosexuality very often! But in the new media world which I also spend a lot of time in it's VERY metrosexual and I do often vomit slightly in my mouth. Real estate agents here would never wear anything less than a proper suit (though tie would be optional). But I guess it's never that hot here so a suit is never 'too much' heat wise. Until now, I've only worked in the City so I only see the suited and booted men anyway.

Pilchard - I know you know the wanky people I'm talking about! But a laptop can go nicely in a rucksack people! And black and white smells nice so you are allowed to be slightly metrosexual.

Ines - I guess in Miami it must be a very different story because of the heat...but agreed, men with better hair/skin/eyebrows/nails than me will be unapproached.

Drew - Please take the metrosexual men off our can have all the fun with them you want :-)

Ted - I'll get back to you via seesmic :-)

PoppyD said...

Todd - You lean towards brilliance. I would switch Hawaiian shirts for nice black tshirts (or white if you live somewhere hot) and you're ready to go!

Anonymous said...

A rucksack...

Oh come on!

Rucksacks are for foreign exchange students and get in the way on crowded commuter trains.