Thursday, September 18, 2008

Episode 25- snarky girl compulsions

Today we're talking about weird compulsions we each have. One of us is eating cookies and putting things at 90 degree angles, the other is licking toppings and won't admit their insane compulsions are, in fact, insane:




Phronk said...

Lani, your hat is beautiful.

I have to bend paperclips into a straight line whenever I see them. It's a good thing I don't work in an office type place.

Anonymous said...

I hate to have my my feet or my head touched. I can't stand the words "corpuscular" & "tongue". Ooo, I think I'm going to throw up because I said them. Okay, now I have to say something that I love .... "cake of soap". There I feel better! The volume on my tv has to be divisible by 5.
I'm staying anonymous, 'cause no one will talk to me anymore if they know who wrote this.

Lani said...

anonymous- please please please please tell me who you are, just email i PROMISE not to tell anyone. (plus i have a suspicion i know who you are...)

phronk- oh you would drive me CRAZY! i like all the paperclips standing in the same direction, not all wonky like in a box. sheesh.


@jcsalterego said...

BTW Lani, you do bring the best earrings to Snarky Girls show.

And Poppy, that is a direct challenge.