Monday, September 15, 2008

Episode 23- Daddy or Chips?

One of us knows what the hell this means, the other doesn't... gee, what a surprise:



PS: sorry I missed posting the Sunday Screw Ups... if you miss them terribly, Poppy's are on YouTube and Lani's are in her head (good luck with that).


Matt Rains said...

Lani - Great american answer. Poppy - What the hell were you talking about?

-Matt Rains

Ted Mackel said...


Chips are french fries. I knew that before Poppy's vlog.

Cheetos are not chips not even American chips.

Anonymous said...

"Daddy or Chips" was nothing to do with Daddies Sauce, it was an advert for McCain's Chips!

Anonymous said...

Here, 6 mins in:

Lani said...

Matt- we need to come up with something the Brits wouldn't understand....

Ted- cheetos will soon be used as an alternative fuel, better watch out how you talk about an awesome orange snack.

Pilchard- uh oh... are you starting a fight with a cute Brit who's not even in London right now?? *oh snap!*


PoppyD said...

Pilchard is right, my memory is screwed in my old age. It was for McCain...the chips not the old politics dude.

Maegan said...

awww, Poppy said "y'all!" :D