Thursday, September 11, 2008

Episode 20- Tom Brady vs. David Beckham

Today's edition of Snarky Girls is about sports! Don't get any crazy ideas, neither of us are wearing cheerleading uniforms (although at least one of us has one in the closet). One of us isn't wearing makeup and the other didn't know who one of these guys was...




Scott W. Clark said...

What does it say on Poppy's shirt?

Ah, the old Football vs. Football gambit.

To whomever thought this question up, it failed.

Raj said...

I think it says:

"Schwarzene-ggenah" (on the front)


"For President" (on the back)


Pat and Wayne said...

Beckham can't bend it any more, and his wife always looks like she has something stuck where the sun don't shine. Gisele is a Victoria's Secret model...who doesn't love a girl whose job is to walk around in her undies? BRADY/Gisele (and the Patriots), FTW!!!

Lisa Sanderson said...

You are both fired. TB is a Patriot and that disqualifies him from everything.

(fly, Eagles, Fly...)

PoppyD said... says 'meshuggenah', yiddish for crazy person.

Raj...I wish I'm voting David Palmer for prez