Saturday, August 30, 2008

Episode 11- Trannies

Today's anonymous question is about this flickr group featuring men dressing as women (and might we add that the fashion choices are AWE.SOME). The question is "wtf?" and you'll be surprised at who's naughty and who's nice...




Drew Fristoe said...

You know I have to the same question, why do they dress so bad? I dont get it either. I am not going to judge them as people, please do what you want (and who am I do judge?) but really the clothes.....

Girls thanks for another great show! smooches!

Andy Orin said...

Funny. Years ago I asked the same question, not necessarily of transgender people but of men in drag--- why so garish? Why the horrid make up and gaudy, tacky clothes? Where's the subtly!? Where's the class? Why not just a simple black dress, ladymen?

If I was a tranny I'd be a classy tranny.

Anonymous said...

If there isn't enough ugly to go around! The makeup is just aweful!

CitizenDino said...

So we are going to start with this...I am glad that you are kitted for the opening of football. I am wearing my Florida State shirt, my florida state hat, my florida state flip flops.

I have been to many UT swim meets. The girls swim team at UT for a while sort of overshadowed everything else.

But I totally love dressing up as a woman. Not in a sexual way, as I am a bearded tattood man, and I am not shaving my chest every again, but man there is something awesome about the skirt.

Not the sort of knee length one, but I like a mini, or maybe a micro mini, since your essentially waling around in your underwear.

Or more of a flowing number. For that twirl dancing.

Snarky Girls said...

DREW- I think if the choices were more classic like even (shudder) Gap basics, the transition would be easier. Jaws drop not in overattraction or amazement at fashion, rather "omg, what a terrible outfit."

ANDY- "I'd be a classy tranny." CLASSIC, ANDY!

ANON- there's a pretty high learning curve here and I can't imagine having to cover manliness.

CITIZENDINO- it sounds like you need a kilt my friend (post office delivery people are petitioning to make them uniform). I have no problem with boys wearing ladies clothes- they're soft, flowy and I can see the appeal (I mean I DO wear them rather than mansuits so I completely understand). But FSU? FSU??? YUCK! I will TOTALLY judge you there... how dare you mention FSU on this site? Sheesh. ;)


Leif erik Sundstrom said...

Just wanted to drop by and say, I hooked the horns too! Believe it or not that's where I went to College!

How you like that? I'm almost a snark alumnus


Chris Hyde said...

Oh my gosh...why oh why did I click through to the photo pool? I think I'm going to have to gouge my eyes out!