Friday, August 22, 2008

Episode 04

Today's topic is villains. The Texas answer is far different from the British answer but forgive Poppy because she's broadcasting from her parents' house with a stupid teddy bear co-host while Lani broadcasts from the dining room (where it looks like plants are coming out of her head but they're not).

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Pat and Wayne said... Poppy, you're frakkin' HOT!! the snark...

Holy 2 steps back, Batman, we seem to be regressing here to the point we're now even LESS snarky than Episode #1. To borrow from the dictionary, you guys should be "rudely disrespectful, sarcastic, snide, irritable, short-tempered, irrascible, testy, even BITCHY".

It AIN'T happenin'.

Poppy had the edge in snarkasm today, even though she was locationally challenged. Lani, you've been better. I know you have it in you, just let it FLOW...

Snark-O-Meter tops out at a pitiful 4 today, ladies. Again, I think it's the subject matter that's holding you back. Think Paris Hilton vs. Amy Winehouse. Who's more snarky? Get them snarky juices flowing! Plants...The Riddler...James Frakkin' Blunt...puh-LEASE. Anyway, we all know the Wicked Witch of the West was the best villain. Now THERE was one snarky mofo.

Snarky Girls said...

PAT- if you need snark, I've got it... here it is: I will dunk your head in a public rest stop toilet and flush a minimum of 7 times. :) Because dictionaries are for stupid people, I will defer to the Urban Dictionary thus proving your definition wrong. Lani FTW!


Pat and Wayne said...

Urban, shmurban. You took the safest, the blandest definition in there. The boring, nicey-nice definition, the Dorothy Gale definition. Crap on a cracker! I don't need a dikshunary to know snark when I hear it:

Snark is snooty, Snark is edgy, Snark is like a grade school wedgie; Snark is sharp, Snark is buck; Snark packs the punch of a 10 ton truck. Snark is spicy, Snark got game - but the Snark in here's just way - too - TAME!

But, your last comment did hit a 7.5 on the Snark O-Meter. Kudos for that verbal wedgie!

Snarky Girls said...

Hey Wayne, shut up.


Drew Fristoe said...

I would like to thank Poppy for pointing out that Lindsey Lohan is pretending to be a lesbian!

Another nice post ladies! I love you Bitches!

Snarky Girls said...

DREW- glad you enjoyed the post, Poppy will surely be all like "oh wow, I'm smart and pretty and thanks, Drew" when she wakes up in the UK.

GRETCHEN- 1. wrong.
2. true but that's not what my quiz says so tell your son to mind his own business.
3. wrong. seriously wrong.

Thanks for commenting, I'm so glad that the chick with the American flag panties avatar is finally opining openly on Snarky Girls, I hope you haven't ruined your career. lol


Snarky Girls said...

GRETCHEN- you see I had a glorious comeback to everything you said and about how incorrect you are on all counts, but your #4 equalized everything and I love you again. :) lol

Oh, but for the record, I do pick on kids. They're short and not usually as smart as I am (proof: they perpetuate the machine that is Disney... School of Rock? Puh-lease!).

PoppyD said...

GRETCHEN - Your son totally made my day, as I want to spend 1000s making them all nice and American looking and less 'I'm gonna suck your blood with my crazy vampire teeth'. Tell him I <3 him...he may have saved me a lot of money by making me feel less freak like! :-D

Jeff Bernheisel said...


Don't go spending 1,000's on your teeth. In the words of my favorite singer: "You're beautiful..."

Just kidding...

Jeff Bernheisel said...

To clarify:

I'm just kidding about James Blunt being my favorite singer.

Jay Thompson said...

Poppy's teeth? Hadn't noticed. I was kinda distracted by that hint of cleavage. Yall are KILLING me.

Steve Belt said...

I'm with Jay...although how two professed "geeks" didn't name Darth Vader as the baddest all time super villain certainly puts into question your geekdome.

Mark Eckenrode said...

i thought for sure Darth Vader would be ruling the villain octagon... he would so lay the smack down on the Blunt (the singer, the singer!)