Monday, August 25, 2008

Episode 06

Hardcore geekdom is today's topic- is it a good or a bad thing to be a big ol' geek? Lani says the word "nerdy" but it sounds like "dirty" (and she *swears* she said "nerdy") and Poppy teaches you how to spell an essential three letter word that will get geeks laid.




Pat and Wayne said...

"I don't mind if you're into CSS, RSS, whatever, but my A-S-S needs to come first."

Classic. This wins Phrase of the Day, hands down. Possible first entry into Snarkasm Hall of Fame?

Phronk said...

Woohoo! Thanks for the answer, girls. After this and the body hair episode, my self esteem as a fuzzy and (moderately) geeky dude has gone up. I still better keep an eye on my lunch money though.

I agree with Poppy that in a relationship with a geek, they do tend to want to feel that their geekiness is not redundant. One of life's greatest joys is fixing the wireless router (i.e., unplug it, plug it back in) for a special girl.

Meet Linda Wyatt said...

I loved this post and am "turned on" by net-speak, especially in low voice, hushed whispers, mind melds (ala star treckkies), twitter microblogging etc. Love your video too. My friends pale when I mention "microblogging;" they think I am in a cult.

--Linda Wyatt

Drew Fristoe said...

Hey Bitches! I just want to thank you for making my icky day a little better! I love you girls!

And Poppy, Your Ass should come first!

thrawn said...


jsyk, i am the most badass geek east or west of GMT. the intertubes run because i will it.

i'm afraid this latest show is way too hot for me to deal with. i have to go think about lame sports or grandmothers or php or things that start with k and end with ittens now.

damn. it. spock. must. not. watch.

Raj said...

Ding, dong! I'm a self confessed geek with the body of a Spartan (almost!).

I wear glasses during the day but feel the urge to wear contacts when I go out. Am I two people locked inside a single body?

CSS is also an acronym for the band Cansei de Ser Sexy which "tired of being sexy"

So my question for Poppy is...

Are you ever?

PoppyD said...

pat & wayne....hell yes that line should be in the Snarkasm Hall of Fame, I impressed myself with that one.

phronk....Glad we can help :-D And you're so right, there's nothing like a good unplug and replug for a special someone. are in a cult, but it's a sexy cult and we won't sell your children.'s a pleasure to please you.'s always nice to make you hot. If kittens don't work, think of daisies, bunny rabbits and happy dolphins.

raj...A geeky spartan eh? You know that's my favourite ;-) As for tiring of being sexy, never! It's completely effortless, why would I tire? Hah.

Raj said...

Errr...shouldn't that be a good plug and unplug or are we suggesting that we don't actually remember how we got there in the first place ;-)

Hey, that's awesome that you appreciate both qualities of a geeky Spartan, most girls seem to have a preference for just one, usually the latter.

On the subject 'awesome' can the lovely Snarky Girls offer their (local) views on the use of this word. Personally, I'm with one of my favourite comedians Eddie Izzard on this one: