Thursday, August 21, 2008

Episode 03

Today, we address which of our hometowns is better- Austin or London? Poppy's in a really really pissy mood today and *really really* lets you know what she thinks while Lani tells a white lie (see if you can catch it) and says "vowels" even though you may think she said "bowels." Let us know in the comments which YOU think is better- Texas or the UK!




Omar said...

Wow, that is a red-ass hat.

Pat and Wayne said...

OK...Poppy...parks??? Museums??? Holy sea of tranquility, Batman, ya gotta be kiddin me? I know you were only half-heartedly into this one, but come on girlfriend, put some teeth in that snark, 'K?

Now, Lani. Woo-hoo! You win by default: Beer. BBQ. Football. Marry me. (Sorry Benn, no offense!) End of story.

Snark-O-Meter still waiting to peg the needle; can only give a 6 for snarkasm here. Lani had it, Poppy didn't. Episode 4, bring your A game. The crowd is getting restless.

Drew Fristoe said...

WOOT WOOT! You answered my question! I did enjoy the answers but I might like London more becuase I probably wouldnt have to fear for my life, like I would in Texas(its the south they dont like my kind). Thanks Ladies you are awesome!

P.S. Lani "American Boy" is my Jam! great choice!

Gia Freer said...

Okay...Poppy...All I'm gonna say is that if we could get a M&S here in the States, then I wouldn't have to go to the UK (other than to visit my in-laws - but let's face it, it is cheaper for them to holiday here). ;) Anyway, Betty Crocker isn't in the UK...& we MUST have Betty Crocker! (LOL)

Texas has my vote...sorry Poppy...but we need you to move to this side of the pond anyway. :)

Another great show, girls! Woo Hoo! BTW, Lani...Great Hat!!

Poppy Dinsey said...

So, I clearly wasn't 'a game' today. Why? Because London had sapped my soul, that's why people who live here have grey skin and die young....which actually is my point exactly. London's defence, Lani's background choon is by London gal Estelle. So we do have problems, but the UK has always made much better music. End of.

Craig said...

Ok I have to disagree with Texas being synonomous with FOOD... skip on over to Louisiana if you want to have the best food on the planet.(ok maybe I am from there)

We need to think of a more insightful question for you 2 to do intellibattle! Let me ponder on this

Matt Stigliano said...

Well I figure I ought to chime in, seeing as how I've spent loads of time in London and loads of time in Texas (not so much Austin, but enough to know where its at on a map at least) and I live in Texas married to an English woman.

Hmmmm....which do I prefer?

Well obviously I didn't elect to move to London when I met my wife, so I guess I still prefer America over the U.K. Mostly because the weather and trying to convert my measly paycheck into pounds wouldn't be so good on the bank account.

I do disagree with Lani on food. Sure, the U.K. has some horrible crap food, but they do have great curry shops and that's a huge plus. And curry doesn't cost an arm and a leg there either. A real English country side mother's Sunday roast is something not to be missed. Just stop by Wantage and ask for my mother-in-law. Sausages. Hmmm. Its a toss up. English sausages are delicious, but then again so are just about any ground meat and spice mixture tossed in a tube.

Beer goes either way. We've got some great ones here and I am a fan of bitter, but then again, I also like Belgian, German, Finnish, Danish, Italian, Canadian, Mexican, and Japanese beer. Oh wait, I just flat out like beer. So what.

Football? As a guy who is bored to death by football (don't even get me started on baseball), I shouldn't comment, but will. Both footballs aren't really my thing. I do watch the big English games with my very own English jersey (and even own a West Ham hat), but that's pretty much just an excuse to sit on the couch and drink beer with my wife (see comment above). Now bring hockey into the mix and then I'll argue.

Regardless, I like both. London gets extra points for myhotel and the Astoria though.

Verdict - I don't like taking sides.

Gia - Have you forgotten Hula Hoops? Haha. You are right about M&S, my wife would kill for one. She was happy to see H&M occasionally, but they started moving towards American prices and ruined it for her.

Gia Freer said...

Matt - oops! I did forget the Hula Hoops and the minstrels! OMG and the curry houses are superb for sure...forgot that too! ;)

Anonymous said...

Poppy. I have to say on the music, there have been some great bands out of UK. Many of them very influential.

But many of them head to one place in September, Austin.

Lisa Sanderson said...

1/2 of the GDP comes from football? C'mon, Lani, you can lie better than that!

Srsly, though, I think I'm with Drew and would rather live in London than Texas. Nuthin' personal agin my fav snark, but that place scares me for many reasons. So, Poppy, don't be so down on your digs...history & class go a loooong way for some of us. Be proud GF!!

Misterjack said...
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Misterjack said...

A US citizen bragging about her country's assets. A UK citizen taking some distance from her country. Weren't these positions quite predictable?

Any big city in the world is at the same time lively and exciting, active and creative, but also inhuman, negating human beings. A city's thoughtless machinery necessarily grinds human flesh to turn it into dough. - Metropolis.

So let's leave aside the "urban side" of London and Texas. What is left? Human beings with a history, a culture, ideas, feelings. In that respect I would give London my preference - regardless of our two lovely Snarky ladies.

Not because London has got more class, as Poppy said, but rather because in London, dialogues between people of different cultures can take place more easily - See: Vanessa Feltz's show on London radio. With their pragmatic approach, the UK managed to integrate people from the colonies.

Of course, both in Austin and in London, the moral point of view prevails. However, the British will discuss the practical consequences of beliefs and try to solve differences pragmatically. I should think that in Texas the attitude will rather be ideological. In Texas, people will try to make out if you belong to the good guys or not – in court, please don't forget to name a police officer's title correctly! Emotional verbal arguments exist in the UK, but the reserve the British have acquired over the decades of Victorian rule still makes the British able to discuss problems and finally compromise - Isn't Poppy the epitome of these British moral values?

Brits tackle conflicts with intelligence and politeness. Of course they will occasionally also have to let steam out. But they will do it in defined circles - magic circles? : at home with friends, or in pubs (orgiastic drinking bouts).

However, outside these circles, their biggest fear will often just be to break the taboo of behaving thoughtlessly. In the UK, thoughtlessness can kill a man socially. In the US, it will rather be the wrong religion or race.

Question for discussion: Is anything wrong in admiring "stars" (actors, singers, footballer...) devotedly?

Pat and Wayne said...

"Brits tackle conflicts with intelligence and politeness. Of course they will occasionally also have to let steam out. But they will do it in defined circles - magic circles? : at home with friends, or in pubs (orgiastic drinking bouts)."

Tell that to English soccer fans...go to an English pub, tell them that Germany/Brazil/Italy has a better soccer team and see how long it takes for them to intelligently and politely pound the snot out of you.

Todd Carpenter said...

But Austin doesn't have Poppy. That's all I have to say on the subject.

Andy Kaufman said...

London or Austin? I say San Francisco.

Can we get some video comments up in this piece?

As You Wish said...


And I couldn't find the white lie, unless, it's just a big exaggeration about the GDP (but Lani did say "in some way" which leaves a lot of room for related events like people eating dinner in a restaurant after a game.)

Thanks for a funny little show, Snarky ones!

Snarky Girls said...

OMAR- thank you, Captain Obviosity.

WAYNE- if you don't stop rating my snarkiness I'll show you snarkiness but not in like the cute-I'm-wearing-a-red-hat way but in the omg-quit-squeezing-my-throat,lani way. Well maybe not, you're off the hook because you noted that I win by default. But don't get to excited, I drink Bud Light, not German crap.

DREW- as discussed before, Austin is not Texas although a map may argue differently. We have entire parades for "your kind"- when did "my kind" ever get a parade? WTH?

GIA- we know you cook from scratch and you even grow your own ingredients, don't act all peasant-y by saying you use Betty Crocker. Hold your chin up high, honey- we don't fault you for marrying a Brit. :)

CRAIG- Guess what? Cajun food is gross. I don't like any food with unidentifiable swamp creatures thrown into a pot. I prefer a big fat cow on fire- I know what I'm getting and I know it's awesome. :)

MATT- as a personal friend of mine, I'm not sure how it could be any more clear that you should simply agree with everything I say. Your Texas citizenship is officially revoked even though you pretended to support Texas. ;)

JOHN- you win best comment of the thread. PLUS I would argue that outside of the Beatles, British music isn't my cup of tea I mean *WHO* likes treble over bass? It's totally counter intuitive.

LISA- you're fired.

MISTERJACK- huh? I don't get it, but British accents sure beat a Cowboy's accent.

TODD- hater.

AS YOU WISH- you're like the smartest person in the world, I hope you'll come back and school some of the other lackeys watching the show. LOL

Mariana said...

Weird, I didn't know England even existed anymore. I thought it was absorbed by Irish Protestants a few decades ago. Isn't the Queen Irish?

Anyway ... Of course Texas is better than any island. Go Lani!!