Saturday, August 23, 2008

Episode 05

Today's question is about a big fat zit, no lie. It's gross, you should watch. Poppy is too important to show up today but it's cool because some days I too will be too cool for the Snarky Girls show.

ALSO: tune in tomorrow to see out takes from the show for the "Sunday Snark Screw Ups" where we humble ourselves to you and prove we're not just hot robot chicks.


I'm sipping tea and eating crumpets with my boyfriend's family. Lani's answer is so good that I should probably stay away from the camera today anyhow. Cheerio!


N95 said...

hey there. i like your vids, but please buy a better mic, okay? ;)

Rocky said...

Good thing I am married to the Hottest chick in the world and do not need to worry abut this.

Anonymous said...

He has a farmer's tan on his arms! I guess he didn't use enough protection (heee heee heee) that day.

Anonymous said...

you look a little bit like Sandra Bernhardt

Snarky Girls said...

n95- I'm using a Flip Cam, i've had complaints of being too loud and too quiet and I believe I'm already perfect so I won't be changing. ;) lol

Rocky- Good thing, huh?

anonymous- What the hell are you talking about a farmer's tan and protection?

other or same anonymous- I do NOT look like Sandra Bernhardt. For your aim to damage my reputation, you owe me $12.00. Oh, and you suck. :)


Maureen Francis said...

Lani your new hair cut is awesome! I think you look like Audrey Hepburn, not Sandra Bernhard.