Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Episode 08- Hard Heels (wth?)

Another hygiene question is asked today and apparently it's HAT day at Snarky Girls. Dr. Lani and Poppy Parmesan (you'll get it later) talk about hard heels and it's gross.




DJ-RJ said...

We guys are lucky we don't have to deal with that eh?

Now how about a show on high heels? :-)

Pat and Wayne said...

I'm TOTALLY never eating pasta again...threw out my jar of grated feet...uh, cheese...and remember, that carp you're eating tonite might have been nibbling on some poor schmuck's tootsies not too long ago...bon apetit.

thrawn said...

eww. i disapprove this message.

anyway, yeah. lani? leia? princess lani? jabba? wot? yes! i thought you said star wars!

i sense a harrumph coming on!

why does poppy have a foot file? fish eating foot skin? i am going to have nightmare's for weeks or at least minutes.

oh yeah, sports? YAWN.

Drew Fristoe said...

Another good show ladies! but I have a question for Poppy. Poppy, I thought that you said, in the episode about men shaving, that men should be fat, and smell and ugly and not use such things as moisturizer or get pedicures. Well, basically, isnt that what you just told men to do.... I am just saying. If I was a straight man I would be confused by the mixed signals that you are throwing out there. Do, you really know what you want? ok, well it was just a thought, love you ladies, smooches!

PoppyD said...

Drew....I have to say, if I met a straight guy that had ever had a pedicure or moisturised (in any circumstance other than just having been sunburned) then I would vomit. But I'd vomit harder if the guy had cracked callousy yuckiness going on in the foot department.

I hear what you're saying about mixed messages, but I was answering from the perspective of a girl. I do love hairy, big, lazy guys...but not so much that I'd accept someone whose heels have turned into their own pair of shoes because they're so frikkin cankled.

I HATE feet, if a guys toes are longer than their big toe then I will judge them by that because it's fugly. Similarly, if I meet a girl with toenails that aren't polished 365 days a year then I would probably stab them in the eye.

I hope that helps, I didn't mean to mislead any gentlemen out there.

Much love!


Raj said...


Love your annotated diagrams! Alas, if only my physiology lectures at uni had been so entertaining, I might not have spent so much time in the bar.


I'd like to try your fish tip, will any fish do?

I've added a couple of piranhas to today's shopping list...

Snarky Girls said...

Raj.....piranhas will work if you have the ugly second toe longer than the big toe problem. But if you just want to get rid of dead skin, you may want to try a more human friendly marine creature :-)

Lisa Sanderson said...

Just...eeewww. You srsly need to improve your question selection process. How 'bout something intellectually stimulating like, what do the snarky girls think of the upcoming US presidential campaign/election...or, who's better, the Dalai Lama or Mick Jagger. C'mon, girlz, take this to a higher level, would ya?

Jonathan said...

The Brit said y'all ... now that's entertainment.

Wife saw the feet-eating fish on ABC's "Japanese Game Show" and completely freaked out. I'm not against the concept, actually.

Well, aside from the fact I can't believe I'd take more than 30 seconds to contemplate my own feet.

Antoinette said...

ok lani's commentary made me regurg unvoluntarily, as charming as the delivery was. oh gross. oh gross. oh ewww. I'm almost afraid of what poppy's take is...all in all, this is my new fave site. :)