Monday, October 27, 2008

Snarky Girls and Spam Emails

So today we were asked how to tackle spam emails, forward emails and all the general crap that can fill up your inbox if you look away for two seconds. You'll notice that Lani isn't here today, she's painted her toenails red and moved to Barbados with a unicorn, so don't worry about her. (Actually, she's just super busy working on a secret thing to do with AgentGenius, but the unicorn idea sounded cooler.)'s all about spam baby!


Mario said...

I got 11,000 spam mails the other day, and I haven't even signed up to any porn sites. Honest.

Er, why do you want to know where to get the cheapest Viagra from?! Actually perhaps you'd best not answer that...

And forget Sarah Palin - with your new hairdo, you now look rather like Isla Fisher. Which is a good thing, incidentally.

@mackney said...

Hey Poppy, can I please have your email address as I have this email that I need to send to 5 friends or my computer will blow up and Bill Gates won't send me my $100 cheque for passing it on ... I only have four friends :(

As an email administrator of over 300 users, SPAM is actually a real pain in the backside for me as the users ask for stronger filters, then complain that 'important' money saver emails are being spammed :s

Michelle said...

Yay! You answered my question! I was starting to worry there for a bit. I should clarify, though, that my question was not about regular spam. I've got plenty of filters for that. In case anyone was thinking I went to porn sites.

But I guess Poppy is right; I should just get over all the forwarded emails from friends and family. After all, they love me enough to hit "forward", don't they?

PoppyD said...

Mario - Isla Fisher? Woot woot!

Mackney - Yeah, I can just imagine the scene 'erm you know you made the chinese electronics wholesale emails go...well now I can't get funny videos of people falling over'. Meh, people are idiots.

Michelle - I think forward/chain emails from loved ones are a tricky subject...short of telling them you hate it I guess the best thing to do is suck it up and hit delete 3000 times a day. Annoying? Yes. But at least you won't be cut out of anyones wills.