Thursday, October 9, 2008

Episode 32- Music Prefs

Today, Poppy cut her hair off and overdosed on Testosterone pills (and likes crazy music) while Lani films from an angle where her hair looks crazy (but it's not) and has amazing taste in music. Do we like country or rap, classical or hard metal?


PS: @PilchardMusic in the video above is an amazing amazing artist despite band nerdery, check out his remix (NSFW)!!!


Lastly, we wish Poppy a blessed Yom Kippur, may this day of atonement bring her peace and blessings.


Lisa Sanderson said...

I am a classic rock girl: Stones, Eagles, Led Zep, Pink Floyd, etc etc. Although, my DDs make me listen to their crap so I am in to the Killers, *some* top 40, Amy Winehouse and luv luv luv Kate Nash. Oh, and 70s was an awesome musical time. Ooh Ooh, dico and funk too. Ok, I like lots of stuff too. But country western is baaaaaaaaaaad for me too!

Anonymous said...

OMG! I'm a Snarky Girl!

Alright, so it is only temporary but... O M G !

Lani said...

Lisa, please tell me you love Mama Mia...

Raj said...

"We got both types of music - Country AND Western!"

-Blue Brothers