Friday, October 10, 2008

Episode 33- stupid question

Poppy's still on holiday, so Kim Wood guest hosts today and is PARTICULARLY snarky (while Lani somehow again mistakes perky for snarky). Should hats be worn forward or backward? See who BRINGS IT with props and who prefers to talk about undies...




Jonathan Dalton said...

I'm almost 40 and Jewish. Do you really think I can wear a hat backward?

Jason Farris said...

I didnt think anyone could see my snorkel breathing tube... damn!

Lani said...

Jason's video comment:

Also, I know how you feel about the ladeez in backwards hats ;)

Also also, I am sorry I stole your props and that you cheer on a crappy team. :)

Also also also, for the most part, shaved headed dudes look great in backwards hats, you're immune AND you're smart enough to wear mostly fitted hats.

MORAL OF THE STORY: wear your green A's hat backwards FTW!

Jennifer Wilson - Agent Solutions said...

Lani, Lani, Lani...

As a girl from the from the city commonly known as "cow town", I am crushed that you think cowboy hats are stupid. :-(

Although most of us don't wear them all year round (unless you plan on hitting the Ranchman's we cow girls and boys, love wearing our cowboy hats (forwards of course).

I have more than one and would wear them more often, if I only got out more. ;-)

You picked a great guest host. Great job Kim!

Lani said...

I can see horses from my Texas house but I maintain that unless you own horses or are double fistin' Budweiser, you shouldn't wear hats.

YOU, my friend can wear whatever the hell you want ;)

KimWood said...

Lani - That was fun! Thanks for the opportunity!

Jonathan - I'm thinking forward. But I'd have to have you model to be sure. :)

Jason - Snorkel Tube? hmmm I'll have to go back and look again.

I lost the accent when I decided it was better to be me!

Thanks for modeling - you can pull off any hat just fine. I'd like to see a beret.

Jen - Maybe you'll have to take a turn one of these days.

Matt - mmWine said...

First of all .. i can be snarky enough to know that it doesnt matter what you think about me in hats, it's what *I* think about me in hats. And honey, i rock the hat, backwards of forwards.

However, i know i look BETTER with the hat forward, and thus, i wear it that way

BTW, Kim, i love your accent .. i thought it was poppy for a second .. no .. really!