Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Episode 34- Heritage

Today, we're talking about our heritage and one is clearly better than the other. Tell us about YOUR heritage (and also, reinforce in the comments which of us has the better heritage)!

Also, one of us was too lazy to post this and it's no longer the holiday one of us references in the video. Sorry. Our bad.




PoppyD said...

Lani, your dad is hawt! Seriously, when I come to Austin I may have to arrange a dinner date ;)

Loula's Boutique said...

Interesting mix to say the least, especially the golden syrup and lemon sauce :) ok ok i know irrelevant - so - horrid tummy bug going round have two vomiting children here - i have a stomach of steel - but hope you feel better v soon. Loula and the gang.

Raj said...

Yeah, get well soon Poppy!

Were you at Agency Expo today?

Anonymous said...

My heritige is All English about as far back at the 1400s on my Mother's side. I've managed to trace back about 250 years so far and about 100 on my Dad's. All English.

Some of my Mother's ancestors (The Pattendens) moved to London several years back and for whatever reason the name changed from Pattenden to Paddington. If you put 2 and 2 together and arrive at Paddington Station (and the whole area in fact) you would be right. It is all named after my Mum's ancestors. Subsequentially that furry little bear is also named after us!

My Dad's side is proving harder to trace. Sketchy evidence puts us in Ireland many many years ago but that's unconfirmed as of yet.

PoppyD said...

Loula - The good thing is, my video was actually recorded on Monday (Lani's been super busy...or super lazy, I can't tell) and I've actually fully recovered. Hug your babies better!

Raj - I was there in the afternoon for the seminar with globrix and rightmove on the panel, and I stayed for the one after. Did you see me? I was in a seriously unflattering Globrix tshirt.

Pilchard - That's so cute! You look a bit like a Paddington bear :-)

Raj said...

Poppy - I chose the same seminars! I did spot the Globrix table, but from afar. I fear that Mr.Shipside came away with a bad tummy also!

As a parody to the lipstick-pig comments of the U.S. presidential election:

"You can put a babe in a Globrix t-shirt, but she's still a babe" ;-)